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Invest in your future today and start saving for tomorrow!

As traditional energy costs continue to rise and government incentives remain high, the time to install a solar energy system is NOW.  Call today and let our experienced team customize and discuss the right solar system for you.

Solardelphia’s years of experience, commitment to high-quality installations and exceptional customer service guarantee the best-looking solar project and the greatest return on your investment.

At Solardelphia, we give YOU the power to:


  • Save Money: With a Solardelphia solar system, you’ll immediately see savings on your monthly electric bill. A Solardelphia system can provide up to 100% of the power you need to run your home or business, making high electric bills a thing of the past.
  • Get Cash Back: Federal and State Incentives combine to cover up to 50% of the cost of your solar installation, and you’ll earn Renewable Energy Credits that will put cash in your pocket for years to come!  When you install a Solardelphia solar system, you’ll get 30% back as a credit on your federal income taxes. As a Pennsylvania or New Jersey resident, you’ll also be eligible for a state grant that will further reduce the cost of your system.  Over the life of your solar system, you can expect to get back up to three times your initial investment.
  • Go Green: A Solardelphia solar system is not just a smart financial investment, but a step forward towards a sustainable future. Using your Solardelphia solar system instead of electricity from fossil fuel burning power plants reduces green house gas emissions and benefits our environment in a real and measurable way. The sun provides an unlimited supply of clean, safe, reliable energy: Let Solardelphia give you the power to harness that energy for your home or business.

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